Address uncertainty by creating integration events

In traditional delivery methods, feedback, whether the Digital product or service provides value or not, is only received at the end or when it goes live. By this time it already is too late. 

This risk or uncertainty remains throughout the delivery and is generally managed by fixing the scope, time, and cost. This incurs wastes during delivery.

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Creating an integration event, where teams pull the required development work along with stakeholders to evaluate if the emerging solution will add the desired value to customers or not, can help address the uncertainty element during the delivery based on supporting data.

But for this to be successful, integration events must happen at regular intervals. This is so that delivery teams can synchronize regularly and adjust their plans accordingly (By carrying out Plan-Do-Check-Adjust). Leaders and managers must enforce that all stakeholders attend and contribute to these events. 

Integration events provide evidence that the emerging solution adds value to customers. In order to verify the value, a small proportion of everything needs to happen in small increments, for example, requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, etc.

If these are done at a regular cadence and every stakeholder takes part, will provide a more realistic evaluation of progress based on objective verification of emerging solutions. That is, the feasibility of the Digital transformation is checked incrementally based on the knowledge created by working systems rather than just the completion of tasks.  

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