Stop knowledge disruption to boost productivity

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Anyone who has managed or contributed to Digital transformation delivery will be familiar with the below challenges and their traditional responses:

The traditional responses make knowledge ineffective by disrupting its flow. That is the subtle interactions required for teamwork. This is called Scatter.

Scatter is a waste that occurs when the flow of knowledge is disrupted.

Delivery is not going as planned

When a reorganization is done to bring the delivery back on track, the newly formed teams and their leaders have to rebuild their communication and collaboration networks. Processes of working together that worked in the past may not work this time. Newly formed teams end up wasting substantial amounts of time relearning processes of working together, at the same time understanding technical aspects and meeting deadlines. This creates disorganization and chaos right at the start of a project. Worst of all, due to chaos, teams start to focus on processes to deal with chaos (for example:  building bad habits and cutting corners) rather than building efficient communication and collaboration networks. This overtime leads to poor quality delivery and the delivery of unwanted Features.

Delivery is delayed

If the delivery teams are struggling to deliver on time. The traditional response is to add more resources. More hands-on-deck should result in more throughput? Not always, additional resources need to be brought up to speed (e.g. gain background knowledge, get access, set up environments, etc) and new resources may have their own opinion on how things are done. This disrupts the subtle flow of information which teams require to find the root cause of delay and address them. The incurred waste from onboarding new resources ends up adding further delays.   

By taking a Lean response, that is, investing time to find the root cause of the problem and coming up with a suitable solution will reduce waste.

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